Condor Radio Takes flight preventing environmental damage

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Condor Radio Takes Flight Preventing Environmental Damage

The ELPRO Technologies Condor Series Wireless I/O and Gateway radio provide customers with the ability to monitor leakage of hazardous materials into the environment which means a quicker resolution with reduced safety hazards and a better outcome for the environment. The transfer of hazardous materials can cause catastrophic damage to the environment if the infrastructure was to fail leading to loss of product, large financial fines and corporate relations damage.

The distance when transferring materials in pipelines can vary from meters to hundreds of km’s and monitoring of the intersections, flanges and valves, where the potential of leaks is at its greatest requires physical inspection unless remote monitoring is deployed.
With the varying of topologies at customer locations, the Condor Series Radio provides a secure yet simple solution for early detection of potentially hazardous and environmental damaging situations.

The Condor Series Radios allow for

  • Remote monitoring of valves, intersections and flanges via Wireless I/O Radio
  • Store and Forward repeater and roaming functionality for reliability and long distance communications in challenging environments
  • Reduction of safety hazards and increased productivity by removing operators from needing to travel remotely
  • Notification of immediate indication of any leaks or product failure eliminating environmental hazards.

The 415U-2-C4 Condor Series Wireless I/O and Gateway digital radios provide remote diagnostics and connectivity through the radio network to the end devices. This gives operators the ability to reduce travel time to site for diagnostics and trouble shooting and it also allowed remote access to the network.

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