Upgrading legacy equipment without adding the cost

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Upgrading Legacy Equipment Without Adding the Cost

With changes to protocols and standards in the industrial markets there is an ever increasing need to upgrade/ update to keep abreast of these changes. One particular area is in the Water/ Waste Water and Oil & Gas industries with the growing change from Modbus based SCADA Systems to DNP3 based SCADA systems. DNP3 Protocol provides added benefits especially when using Telemetry protocols such as timed based events, exception reporting and definition of events.

With the Condor Series Wireless I/O and Gateway Radios they can resolve the problem of upgrading the remote I/O be it PLC or RTU with the integrated Modbus/DNP3 I/O Protocol Gateway allowing existing Remote I/O to remain in place reducing the cost of upgrading the PLC/RTU, Reconfiguration and software licence costs along with added familiarity ad training required for engineering and operators.

The Condor series is a true global based wireless I/O and Gateway radio with frequencies ranging from 340 – 480MHz and up to 10W RF Power. The Condor series radios also deploys cyber security techniques ensuring remote devices are not exposed to potential security hazards whilst still providing flexibility and ensuring your compliance and upgrading of protocols is still maintained.

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