Wireless Profibus DP over 15Km, how so?

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Wireless Profibus DP over 15Km, How So?

Quite often hard-wired applications are not an option or too costly to implement due to the high cost of running cables or accessing cabled networks is too difficult because of moving equipment or the environment that the remote devices are in may make it physically impossible to run cabling especially over long distances.

Protocols such as Profibus DP which is a standard fieldbus communication that is used in industrial applications globally is typically operated at speeds up to 12MBits/s and being a bus protocol, all devices on the bus are required to operate at the same speed.

When wireless connectivity is required for Profibus DP this typically means that he current Network Bus speed would need to be reduced to allow for wireless communications to be effective. This is often is not a good solution as the whole network needs to be slowed and this can compromise actual operations on existing wired devices. Also, a good knowledge of the protocol and the timings of the protocol is needed.

With the ELPRO Profibus Gateways the Profibus Network Bus speeds do not need to be adjusted and can be maintained up to 12MBits/sec. The ELPRO Profibus Gateways provides an efficient protocol conversion maintaining full bus speeds whilst providing a flexible wireless protocol with distances up to 40Km using licenced frequencies. The ELPRO Profibus Gateways are available in a range of Licenced and Unlicenced frequencies for global use and can interface with the other range of Wireless I/O products.


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