Bridging Networks Regardless of the Communications Infrastructure

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Bridging Networks Communications Infrastructure

Some applications may feel like a jigsaw puzzle when trying to get all remote sites back to a common point and with wireless it is also the same.  There can be that site that is just over the mountain and is not feasible to put in a repeater, or a remote site that is 00’s miles away that needs to be monitored. Cellular and Satellite Radios may be the answer, but what about the I/O that needs to control the remote site and not just monitor it?  This is where the ELPRO 115E-2 comes in.

The 115E-2 is ELPROs answer to these problems, an Ethernet & Serial I/O module with Modbus, DNP3 I/O and exception-based reporting for peer to peer communications and will interface to virtually any wireless network or LAN based network allowing connectivity.  An inbuilt dashboard provides you the diagnostics you need without chewing up your data.

Read more on the 115E-2 here.

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