ELPRO’s Condor Radio Spreads its Wings

ELPRO Condor spreads its wings

ELPRO’s Condor Radio Spreads its Wings

Secure – Flexible – Reliable – ELPRO’s Condor Series Wireless I/O & Gateway

Now with new Frequencies available!

December 2019 – ELPRO Technologies flagship product the 415U Condor Series, has spread its wings even further with the announcement of new frequencies to the nest.  The 415U Condor series is a long range high speed industrial wireless radio providing secure industrial communications with bullet proof reliability and class leading I/O and gateway functionality.  ELPRO are now pleased to announce that the Condor Series is available in the following frequency bands

-C1 (148-174MHz) –NEW

-C3 (340-400MHz)

-C4 (400-480MHz)

-C5 (470-520MHz) –NEW

The addition of these two new frequency bands to the Condor Series emphasizes ELPRO’s ongoing commitment in providing Secure Industrial Communications across a global base ensuring the delivery of critical data.

The two new frequency additions to the Condor Series products rounds out a comprehensive UHF and VHF product range for both Licence and Licence free applications.  With Automatic Data Rates, ELPRO’s Promesh meshing protocol along with upto 10W RF power the Condor Series can integrate easily into applications from simple point to point up to large scale network and infrastructure systems with ease.

Further information including in use applications and details on the “ELPRO’s Condor Radio spreads its wings” can be found at the following links in the Wireless I/O and Industrial Wireless Modems pages of our website,

415U-2 Wireless I/O & Gateway ELPRO 415U-2

415U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem ELPRO 415U-E

Further information on the ELPRO Products, services and Capabilities can be read at our website ELPRO Technologies Website

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