ELPRO Technologies forges a technological partnership with Solis Energy

Solis partnership industrial wireless solutions

Elpro Technologies Technological Partnership

Customers can now deploy their wireless systems in areas where power is unavailable or unreliable with pre-engineered, industrial battery-backup solutions.

Queensland, Australia – February 1, 2021

ELPRO Technologies, a global manufacturer of secure and flexible industrial wireless solutions with full engineering design, manufacturing, and support, is teaming up with Solis Energy, Inc. – a manufacturer specializing in hardened, outdoor battery backup systems including off-grid solar – to deliver high-reliability industrial solutions to meet the rigorous requirements for critical infrastructure.

“The partnership makes perfect sense,” says Solis Energy’s founder and CEO Robert Reynolds. “Both companies offer scalable solutions for water/wastewater, oil and gas, mining, conservation, electrical utilities, and industrial automation. Both share a focus on the customer and solving their problems though innovative products and solutions.”

“Industrial networks demand rugged, reliable, and innovative solutions along with a team that understands the value of quality backed by impeccable service,” adds Michael Hann, General Manager of ELPRO Technologies. “We’re very pleased to partner our technology with that of Solis Energy to deliver quality industrial communications solutions globally.”

About Solis Energy

Solis Energy, Inc. is a manufacturer of outdoor power systems for the industrial automation and control, transportation, telecommunication, security, and government markets. The company’s products include solar generators, outdoor battery backup systems, and a suite of power management components including PoE injectors, DC to DC converters, and remote monitoring equipment. More than just solar, Solis Energy’s field-tested reliability and cost-effective solutions are what customers depend on for their power needs. For over fifteen years, Solis Energy has committed to developing innovative, reliable products that provide customers with flexible solutions to take control of their outdoor power requirements. For further information on Solis Energy industrial power products please visit solisenergy.com or email [email protected].

About ELPRO Technologies

ELPRO has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance wireless modems and I/O, SCADA systems, and flood warning equipment for 35 years. The ELPRO products have been the radios of choice for industrial markets globally. Their wireless and I/O products are world renowned and last year were sold in 180 countries alone to provide wireless monitoring and control to mission critical assets in often the most remote locations. For further information on ELPRO Technologies Industrial Wireless products please visit elpro.com.au or email [email protected].

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