NEW from ELPRO: Industrial MQTT Sparkplug WiFi I/O Gateway connects industrial instrumentation/equipment to the cloud!

Industrial MQTT Sparkplug WiFi I/O Gateway

ELPRO can enable your devices to access the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 with a range of IoT gateway and connectivity options. Latest addition is MQTT SparkplugB gateway integrated into the proven 214U-2 Industrial WiFi IO-Gateway.

The 215U-2 MQTT Sparkplug Gateway is very cost effective, secure and reliable solution for industrial application including a range of innovative features:
–         Direct “At the source” data collection/timestamping to transmit as MQTT or Sparkplug
–         Security with broker/server SSL connectivity
–         MQTT Sparkplug applications can now be used easily with licensed radio systems
–         Simple connection to local digital/analog inputs or outputs
–         Powerful gateway to Modbus TCP or RTU external devices
–         Local logging of timestamped messages compatible with Historian backfill
–         Redundancy, up to 4 server/broker connections

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