Product Information Bulleting: Issue connecting to 245U or 945U using internet browser

Issue Connecting to 245U or 945U Using Internet Browser


Unable to connect with 245U or 945U with web browser or web browser reports that connection is unsafe, site cannot provide a secure connection or uses an unsupported protocol.

This issue could occur when using Chrome, Firefox or Edge web browsers (released February 2022 or later) to access any of these modules using firmware version R2.32 or earlier.

Chrome, Edge notification example below:

Affected products:

ELPRO 245U/945U 802.11 modems: EL-245U-A-AU, EL-245U-A-US, EL-245U-A-EU, EL-245U-G-AU, EL-245U-G-US, EL-245U-G-EU, EL-245U-A1, EL-245U-G1, EL-945U-E-AU, EL-945U-E-US, EL-945U-E-H-AU, EL-945U-E-H-US


 It is still possible when using Windows 10 to use the previous version of internet explorer 11. To find this type “Internet Explorer” into the windows search box and select “Internet Explorer” application, click “Open”. Then type IP address into address field as normal. 

Corrective action:

ELPRO has released updated module firmware V2.33 which resolves this issue by updating security firmware components.

For further information please see ELPRO knowledge base article:

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