ELPRO’s Game Changing News: Elpro 415U-IAS

ELPRO 415U-IAS: ELPRO’s Breaking News

Imagine, you have a mission critical, multi remote site, industrial wireless network on a licensed frequency.

Now imagine, the current infrastructure is outdated and obsolete that needs to be replaced with little to no down time.

System updates and migration of communications network equipment in SCADA applications can be very challenging, costly and risky projects.

Until now your options were limited.

Let me introduce you to ELPRO’s release of the IAS (Intelligent Antenna Switch) or EL-415U-IAS.

The Condor 415U-IAS allows legacy radio networks to be upgraded to state-of-the-art Condor wireless radios in a controlled and systematic way. This reduces risk and downtime to the system performance, during system migration process.

The 415U-IAS utilizes existing antenna infrastructure and can be installed at the base or main repeater site. The 415-IAS allows for data and antenna connections to the legacy and Condor wireless units. Monitoring the incoming serial data stream and communications to remotes site, the 415-IAS is able to route data through to legacy or Condor remote sites as sites are updated in the field. There is no intervention by operations required.

The 415U-IAS can be installed into an existing system with a minimum of downtime, requiring only small cabling changes at the base or main repeater and minimum changes for existing SCADA polling parameters to complete installation. The 415U-IAS is paired with the Condor 415U-BSR base station repeater which provides a robust and reliable redundant hot standby base or repeater site.

The ELPRO 415U-IAS intelligent antenna switch reduces risk, minimizes downtime and costs due to duplication of equipment and streamlines the update process.

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