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Energy and Electricity Utilities

Electrical Utilities Communications networks require reliable and secure connectivity from simple Point to point monitoring right through to city wide SCADA Radio networks.

As demand for energy continues, Wireless technologies provide utility owners and operators the flexibility to grow with their network whilst the need for maintaining secure and reliable communications is paramount for network security and stability.

We supply and work globally with utility companies to provide secure industrial communications for both legacy networks and smart grid networks which has allowed for greater coverage and faster adoption of the monitoring and controlling of their critical assets.

Our Secure Industrial Communications technology provide Wireless I/O and Modem communications supporting I/O connectivity, Serial and Ethernet protocols for both in plant and out of plant applications. ELPRO’s solutions allow Energy Utilities to reliably monitor and control their critical infrastructure needs today and into the future.

Applications that the ELPRO Radios are used in Energy utility sectors are:

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Automatics Meter Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Monitoring of Pole Top circuit breakers and Reclosers
  • Security Monitoring of Substation facilities
  • Access Control facilities
  • Substation Automation
  • Distribution Generation
  • Disaster Management network communications

With ELPRO's SCADA Radio range, utility companies now have a reliable network asset bridging critical sites with secure mission critical communications links with network support into the future as systems become more complex.

SCADA Radio for Electrical Utilities


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