ELPRO delivers secure and reliable mining communications systems.

Mining Operations

Mining and Mineral Processing

ELPRO’s reliable mining communications products are ideal for the rugged, long distance, obstructed environments of mining applications.

Operating in environmental extremes, ELPRO’s products have been proven in tough mining environments in all continents including: open cut, leech, underground operations, quarries and ore treatment facilities (flotation cells and ball/ rod mills etc). Specific examples include:

  • Water supply control systems and effluent monitoring (eg pH)
  • SCADA Radio Systems with Point to Point or Multipoint.
  • Ventilation shaft fan monitoring (eg vibration, temperature)
  • Conveyor monitoring and interlocks
  • Security video monitoring and access control systems
  • Stack emission noxious gas detection systems (eg NOx, SOx)
  • Fuel tank gauging and gas flow monitoring
  • Detection and monitoring of moving machinery and diagnostics
  • Custody transfer monitoring (electricity, gas, water)
  • PLC - PLC - DCS - I/O interconnection (eg level, flow, temperature)
  • Remote control/ alarm of emergency generators
  • Conveyor belt ore pile and drum head/ chute monitoring
  • Ground water monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Flow rate monitoring from pipelines
  • Dam wall deformation monitoring
  • Weather station monitoring
  • Management of diesel pumps & Generator sets
  • Remote pump monitoring and reporting of faults
  • Location tracking of equipment

View our stacker reclaimer case study below.

Stacker Reclaimer

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Reliable Mining Communications

Mining - Tailings Dams

With increasing production tailings dams also need to increase in size to be able to handle to required capacity of tailings that is produced.

Recent high profile failures of tailings dams have shown the criticality of these pieces of infrastructure and up to the minute monitoring is very critical to providing insights of any potential hazard to personnel and the environment. ELPRO wireless radios have been used around the world in providing solutions to mining companies in the monitoring of Tailings Dams ensuring safety and compliance in areas such as:

  • Leak detection
  • Remote transfer pump control & monitoring
  • Automatic Weather Stations
  • Surveying equipment for dam wall failure detection and movement

View our mining leak detection case study below.

Tailings dams for Reliable Mining Communications

Mining - Dewatering

Both above and underground mining experience ground and surface water issues and without processes in place to control and handle the seepage of the surface and ground water into a mine can provide costly downtime and reduce overall efficiency of the operations. ELPRO Radios are used in mining operations by providing remote control of ground water pumping systems. Uses of the ELPRO Radios in solving Dewatering requirements in mines are:

  • Portable pump monitoring and control
  • Asset tracking of pump and generators
  • Flow rate monitoring of out flows to tailing ponds
De-watering for Reliable Mining Communications


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