Water / Wastewater

ELPRO delivers reliable and secure
communications for water and
waste water applications.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Utilities and Municipal

ELPRO’s industrial wireless products have been used extensively in the utility and municipal industries for over 35 years. Worldwide municipals (water/ waste water), have selected ELPRO’s wireless devices due to the frequency and functional options ELPRO products offer our clients.  ELPRO provides from simple and secure I/O control to large networks with SCADA Radios for Water & Wastewater applications

ELPRO’s Wireless I/O and Modems provide secure long range communications for both in plant and out of plant allowing Water and Sewerage authorities to gain control of assets. Some of the applications that the ELPRO Radios are used in for Water and Waste Water applications are,

  • Catchment rainfall monitoring and early flood-warning systems
  • Custody transfer management (water, gas, electricity)
  • SCADA Radios for Water & Wastewater monitoring and control
  • Effluent (pH), turbidity and dosing pump control
  • Pump station control, diagnostics and cyclic changeover
  • Tank level and security monitoring
  • Valve, pressure and flow meter station monitoring and control
  • Irrigation system monitoring and control
  • Water quality monitoring and reporting
  • Dam gauging and gate control
  • Remote Bore field operation and monitoring
  • Replacement of Leased Lines for private network ownership
SCADA Radio for water and wastewater applications

Remote Townships and Mining Operations

The supply of water outside of major municipals is typically provided via rivers or remote bores and the supply can be for not only townships but for mining or agriculture. Without rivers or already provided supply of water, Bores will be sunk to provide the water which can be long distances from where the water needs to be delivered too.

The use of ELPRO Wireless I/O Radios to provide remote simple and effective start, stop and monitoring of Bore pump equipment removes the need for operators to continually be travelling to maintain this equipment. The use of ELPRO radios then reduces costs and improves on safety by removing the risk of operators travelling to site when the ELPRO Radios are in control.  ELPRO's solutions for supply of water can be simple I/O replication to PLCs or HMI's right up to large are SCADA Radios for Water & Wastewater.

Bore Field Monitoring uses with ELPRO Radios

  • Starting and Stopping of Pumps,
  • Monitoring of Diesel Tank levels
  • Pump run times,
  • Water flow metering
  • Water Quality monitoring and reporting
SCADA Radio and wireless IO for licence and licence free radios

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