Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

Wireless Factory Automation for PLC communications, video monitoring, light trees on production lines, ELPRO Technologies has your plant floor communication needs covered.  Forget about hard wiring cable over every obstacle in your facility, let ELPRO Technologies Secure Industrial Wireless do the hard part.

ELPRO's ProMesh technology makes the integration of your network simple.  High speed Ethernet radios provide the bridge your PLC’s require, and why not hook up a camera too?  Our Gateways can convert PLC protocols, enabling different protocols to interface with each other.

Online retail giants have virtually perfected the logistics business.  This includes extensive automation in their warehouses, including some larger equipment like forklifts carrying hundreds of pounds of merchandise.  Their choice for communications; ELPRO radios.  Today safety and profits on the line, reliable operation was key.  ELPRO radios are used in hundreds of production facilities around the world, at the forefront of unmanned, automated guided vehicle control.

Does your facility use different brands of PLC’s?  A common headache is trying to get them to communicate to exchange data when they use different protocols.  How about when they are also 500 meters apart?  Enter ELPRO Technologies Wireless Gateways.  These devices transfer a PLC’s database into ELPRO's database, transmit it over-the-air to a remote Gateway, which then transfers it to the second PLC’s database.  In this fashion, a Modbus PLC can communicate to a Profibus PLC, or an Allen Bradley PLC, etc.  Perfect for linking legacy PLC’s to newer equipment!

Our technical team are experienced in industrial wireless communications and collectively have done hundreds of site surveys.  We can help you specify all the components for a successful installation.  Want help configuring or commissioning a new network?  Give us a call and we’ll see you on site!

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