Irrigation & Agriculture

ELPRO delivers reliable and secure
communications for irrigation applications.

Remote Spray Pivot Operations

Agriculture and aquaculture

From China to Australia to South Africa, irrigation pivots must be controlled to ensure the optimal amount of water is dispensed to avoid over watering, and the cost that entails.   The moving nature of the pivots mean hardwired options are not practical.  Enter ELPRO Technologies ultra long range radio systems, and meshing technology.  If a remote pivot cannot communicate directly with the pump controller, other radios will automatically forward the messages.

Weather stations similarly, are usually remote to a vineyards offices.  Wireless systems are the only practical method of monitoring acres of grape crops to avoid frost damage.

Golfers want consistent greens for those final puts, yet in many regions it is too hot to grow grass.  Add ELPRO Technologies 2.4GHz radios and you can now control the temperature of the root system for perfect greens year round.  An added bonus is WiFi for the golfers, at every hole.

Flood warning systems provide critical information for motorists and home owners.  By monitoring miles upstream, flood levels can be predicted well before the flood waters have reached residential areas.  This allows residents time to sand bag/and or move valuable possessions to higher ground.  Similarly, motorists crossing flooded roads have no way of knowing how deep the water is, risking life and property.  ELPRO Technologies ERRTS flood warning system combines a level sensor with a radio, to provide advance flood warning systems well before the water arrives.

Other application examples include:

  • Soil monitoring (moisture and salinity)
  • Water quality, water level and water treatment monitoring/ control
  • Water/ effluent run off monitoring (pH)
  • Support for precision agriculture systems (sensors, DSS connection)
  • Greenhouse environmental monitoring and control
  • Stock feed and water level monitoring
  • Oxygen and dissolved oxygen level monitoring (O2, DO)
Wireless Irrigation & Agriculture


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