ERRTS ALERT2™ Flood Warning System

ELPRO Technologies has been at the forefront of Flood Warning and Disaster Management networks by supplying ERRTS ALERT™ Field Stations, Repeaters, Receivers and Decoders for over 25 years. With excess of 5000 sites installed within Australia and overseas, ELPRO is able to provide a reliable, secure and flexible flood warning and disaster management communications path for new and existing users. ELPRO Technologies solutions for Flood Warning and Disaster Management extend beyond ALERT / ALERT2™ Systems through to IoT, Public and Private networks ensuring security and ownership of data during critical events.


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Note: This is an Australian product only. The Event Reporting Radio Telemetry System (ERRTS) is a proven remote monitoring system that provides real time reporting of a wide range of environmental conditions. Environmental parameters are measured in the field and transmitted over long distance by radio, to computer stations which display and analyze the information. ERRTS conforms to the international ALERT and enhanced IFLOWS specification, which details the common requirements for high reliability environmental monitoring systems.