Note: This is an Australian product only.  SCADA-C is a partner application that operates with CitectSCADA. It provides additional functionality not available in the standard CitectSCADA package. Citect is recognized as one of the world leaders in industrial automation software. Its HMI features provide flexibility, easy user interaction and powerful information networking functions.

Citect has built up an enviable reputation for reliability in the industrial automation and MES markets.

Developed by ELPRO Technologies, SCADA-C complements and enhances CitectSCADA for specific applications.



Data Sheets

Scada-C Brochure

Applications: Water & Wastewater systems, Gas reticulation, Irrigation, Mining


  • Reduced configuration via a structured database
  • Automated control of plant items
  • Organisation of plant items into groups
  • Unlimited amount of control modes per group
  • Alarm Paging with configurable message sequences and protocols
  • Support for multiple Citect projects