CCTAIL Coaxial Cable

The CCTAIL is a 600mm (23”) length of RG58 coaxial cable/fly lead with SMA (male) or BNC male to N-Type male and female terminations. This cable is designed for flexible connection to large diameter, low loss, coaxial cables (eg LDF4, LMR400) or to bulk head surge arrestors such as the CSD-N-6000 and avoid damage to the antenna port connector.


Catalog Number: CCTAIL
Compatible Products SMA: 105/905U-L-T/R, 905U-K, 905U-1-4/G, 915U-2, 805/905/945/240/245U-E, 455/805/905U-D, CSD-SMA-2500, CC3/10/20-SMA Coaxial Cables BNC: 105U-1-4/G, 505U-K, CC3/10/20-BNC Coaxial Cables N-Type: CSD-N-6000, CC3/10-N Coaxial Cables