PS-WW-XP-24DC Power Supply

AC Adaptor Power Supply – Other International Connecters Available


The PS-WW-XP AC adaptor power supply provides 24Vdc which is suitable for powering ELPRO products. This product has an Australian pin adaptor as the standard, however other international connectors are available. The power supply in not suited for use with 5W licensed units. Please confirm power supply requirements for project application before use. This power supply is terminated with a standard 2.1mm (0.08’) DC Plug which is suitable to use with ELPRO Demonstration Kits. The DC plug can be removed for connection by bare wire to ELPRO product terminal blocks by professional electricians and/or professional system integrators.


Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Catalog Number: PS-WW-XP-24DC
Compatible Products: All ELPRO Products. ((Not suitable for 505U, 505U-K, 905U-K and 915U-K. These products require 12V power supply).
Input: 100-240VAC; 50-60Hz
Output: 24VDC; 1.25A
Termination: Bare wires
Plug pin configuration: Aus Standard


The PS-WW-XP product has an Australian plug, please specify the below details for international adaptors:

PS-WW-XP-EU – European (2 x Round)

PS-WW-XP-US – USA/Canada (2 x Flat Pins)

PS-WW-XP-UK – GB (2 x Rectangular and Earth Pin)