CSD-N-6000 Surge Diverter

The CSD-N-6000 is a low insertion loss, up to 6GHz, bulkhead surge arrestor with female N-type to N-type connectors protecting the module from the impact of lightning/transients via the antenna port. The CSD-N-6000 is used in conjunction with the CC3/CC10/CC20 male N-type to N-type coaxial cable kits and CCTAIL-SMA-M or CCTAIL-BNC-M fly leads. This allows connection to ELPRO products having either an SMA female or BNC female antenna connector.


Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Catalog Number: CSD-N-6000

Compatible Product: 105/905U-L-T/R, 905U-K, 905U-1-4, 905U-G, 915U-2, 805/905/945/240/245U-E, 455/805/905U-D, CSD-SMA-2500, 105U-1-4, 105U-G, 505U-K