BU6-400 Collinear Antenna

ELPRO’s BU6-400 is a ground independent, 6dB collinear antenna, suitable for ELPRO’s 400MHz product range. This antenna is vertically polarized with omnidirectional radiation and has a fiberglass radome with an aluminum mounting pole.

Mounting of the BU6-400 antenna is via the BR-COL-KIT.

Requires CC3/10/20 Coaxial Cable Kits.


Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Catalog Number: BU6-400
Compatible Products: 105U-1,2,3,4; 105U-G; 505U; 455U-B,C,D (at frequency ranges of 360-520MHz)

Please specify the below details when ordering:

BU6-400-xxx (xxx = frequency in MHz)