DG900 Dipole Whip Antenna

The DG900 is a ground independent coaxial whip antenna suitable for ELPRO’s 900MHz product range. This antenna is PVC coated, vertically polarized with omnidirectional radiation and options of 1m and 5m lengths of coaxial cable. The DG900 is compact for short range applications or demonstration purposes and is suitable for internal or external mounting (including vehicle mounting).


Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Catalog Number: DG900
Compatible Products: 905U-1-4; 905U-G; 905U-L-T/R; 905U-K; 915U-K; 905U-D; 905U-E; 945U-E, 915U-2 (at frequency ranges of 900-930MHz)

Please specify the below details when ordering:

DG900-1 for DG900 with 1m of cable

DG900-5 for DG900 with 5m of cable