115S Serial Expansion I/O for Modbus or WIB-net Applications

115S Serial Expansion I/O

I/O for Expanding Applications, Modbus or WIB-net Applications

The ELPRO 115S series allows end users to readily accommodate changing I/O needs as project specifications evolve. The 115S series can be used with ELPRO transceiver-based I/O, Gateway, Ethernet and Serial products to expand input and output count or act as Modbus slave I/O to connect other field devices. Connected via RS485 and communicating ELPRO WIBNetTM or Modbus protocols, the 115S series is available in three versions of I/O count and multiple 115S products may be daisy-chained to accommodate changing application needs.


Catalog Number: 115S
Applications: Flow meter monitoring, Storage tank monitoring, Pipeline cathodic protection, Pump stop-start, Lighting bank control, Emergency shower notification, Weather station reporting, Bearing condition monitoring, Modbus Slave


  • Provides differing I/O count for expanding applications.
  • Combine units (daisy-chain) to accommodate additional I/O needs.
  • Serial modem expansion I/O for ELPRO transceiver I/O, Gateway and Ethernet Products.
  • Modbus RTU slave I/O expansion capability.
  • Serial I/O multiplexer featuring ELPRO change of state WIBNet™ protocol.

To order, select product code from the table.

115S-11 Serial I/O, ELPRO/Modbus RS485, 16 DIO; 10.8 – 30Vdc Input
115S-12 Serial I/O, ELPRO/Modbus RS485, 8 DIO, 8 AI; 10.8 – 30Vdc Input
115S-13 Serial I/O, ELPRO/Modbus RS485, 8 AO; 10.8 – 30Vdc Input