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Industrial Wireless Experts - Supporting Industry With Secure Industrial Communications For Over 35 Years Across 180 Countries

Industrial Wireless Experts ELPRO Timeline of products

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For over 35 years, ELPRO Technologies wireless business has helped companies in more than 180  countries improve the management and performance of their assets by offering a full range of reliable and secure wireless communication systems.

ELPRO has a full range of products to help your facility safely and reliably use wireless technology to accomplish even your most critical needs. Our products can be used in a variety of applications, including water/wastewater, oil and gas, mining, environmental, electrical utility and industrial automation.

ELPRO offers scalable industrial wireless solutions from basic point-to-point or meshing to large scale infrastructure deployments. We cover all applications from the sensor to the control room.

Our products are manufactured under the ISO 9001- 2015 quality management system so you can rest assured that our products are the highest quality and reliability. At ELPRO Technologies we strive to continuously improve our products and services to meet our customers requirements. We are constantly enhancing the performance of our products to meet the demands of our industries

In Early 2018 Aquamonix Pty Ltd acquired the ELPRO brand, a well trusted, well known and well respected global brand in the marketplace since 1983.

Since early 2018 when we were acquired by Aquamonix, we have developed a refreshed and reinvigorated company vision. We will be known as the leaders in Secure Industrial Communications and we will maintain and build on our position in the market and ensure that our 35 years of experience, hard work, leading technologies and transmission is utilised. We will make sure your wireless never misses a beat and that we deliver you secure industrial communications.

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