Industry Applications

ELPRO are the industrial wireless specialists when you require secure and reliable Wireless I/O and Gateway communications systems.

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At Elpro we service a number of key industries globally. Our products are designed for the rigours of industrial applications.

ELPRO Technologies are your Industrial Wireless Specialists with over 35 years of experience in this field.  At ELPRO that’s what we do.  We know your business when it comes to Industrial Wireless as we design, manufacture and support all our products.

ELPRO Technologies Industrial Wireless products provide secure and flexible connectivity for both short- and long-range networks.  From simple monitoring of an I/O point where there is no power available to SCADA Radio networks.  ELPRO Technologies has been supplying globally to Municipals, Mine sites, Utility operators and automation companies along with OEM’s.

Our products range from Wireless I/O Radios and Gateways, Data Modems and Routers and Flood Warning equipment for Disaster Management Authorities.  With Global frequencies for Licence and Licence Free bands ELPRO can solve our application.

Industrial Wireless Specialists

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