Industrial Ethernet Switches

The ELPRO Industrial Ethernet Switch portfolio delivers a comprehensive solution for device and control connectivity. The portfolio comprises of both Managed and unmanaged industrial ethernet switches that provide network connectivity and interface to ELPRO’s Ethernet-enabled products.

Our industrial ethernet switch category consists of the 1050E-T 5-Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, the 1080E-T 8-Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch and the 2080E-T 8-Port Managed Ethernet Switch. They are all designed to meet the demands of industrial environments and are simple & easy to install within a communication network.

Our latest product offering is the 2080E-T 8-Port Managed Ethernet Switch which is an incredibly fast switch that can meet the demands of harsh industrial applications including water & mining, gas, oil, wastage and any other common industrial environment.

Elpro Wireless ethernet switch family

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