PS-1000-28-M1 Solar Power Supply

PS-1000-28-M1 Solar Power Supply

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1000V Solar Combiner Box Power Supply with Battery Backup to Efficiently Power String Monitoring Solution


The ELPRO PS-1000-28-M1 is a fully isolated high voltage DC input power supply ideal for the solar PV energy industry. The unit’s wide input voltage range of 250–1000Vdc provides installers with the flexibility to implement string monitoring solutions without the need for low voltage communications cabling. Designed in support of Wireless or Fiber-optic communications solutions in utility scale solar arrays, the PS-1000 offers efficient performance and enhanced safety.

Designed to output a constant 24Vdc under rapidly changing solar irradiance conditions, a separate terminal is provided for a back-up battery connection. This provides seamless UPS style change-over to battery-only operations during cloudy or night time operation, thus ensuring maximum system performance and 24×7 operation.

The unit also provides a linear, galvanically isolated busbar voltage monitor output that can be interfaced into telemetry or SCADA systems, eliminating the need for a separate isolated voltage transducer module saving system cost. A dedicated contact relay output is provided for “Power OK” signaling to further enhance performance of the overall monitoring solution.

The ELPRO PS-1000-28-M1’s integrated busbar voltage monitor, battery changeover and power OK output features also save valuable space in equipment cabinets, reduce cabinet construction and wiring time, and simplify solar system installations.

Also available in 600V. (Coming Soon!)


Data Sheets

Data Sheet


• Full 250Vdc to 1000Vdc Busbar Voltage Range

• Provides up to 4A Output Current

• Built-in Isolated Busbar Monitor Circuit

• Built-in Power OK Output

• Built-in Battery Back-up System

• 2500V RMS (1 min) Input and Output Galvanic Isolation

• UL 1741 Compliant

• Compact DIN Rail Mounting

• Input Under/Over Voltage Protection

• Input Reverse Polarity Protection

• Output Voltage Adjustment 22–30Vdc

• Output Over Voltage and Overload Protection

• Output Short Circuit Protection

• Fan-less Convection Cooling