SCADA Radios for Industrial Applications

SCADA Radios for Industrial Applications.  Wireless I/O, Gateways, Routers and Modems providing secure and reliable solutions for your applications.

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Industrial Applications

ELPRO Technologies designs, manufactures and supports class leading Secure Industrial Wireless products providing bullet proof reliability.  ELPRO's product portfolio comprises of;

  • Wireless I/O Radios
  • Wireless Gateways for Industrial Protocols
  • Wireless Ethernet Modems and Routers for connectivity to PLC's, SCADA, DCS and intelligent devices
  • IoT connectivity via Battery powered wireless devices or Smart Gateways
  • Serial Modems and Routers for connectivity to legacy devices
  • Cellular Modems and Routers

Both licence and licence free frequencies ranging from 60MHz upto 5GHz and #G/LTE Cellular Bands, ELPRO Technologies is truly a global supplier of secure industrial wireless products.

With over 35 years of history ELPRO Technologies has been a leader in the design and manufacture of Industrial wireless.  Fortune 500 companies rely on ELPRO in providing global solutions for their assets including Hazardous Area for IECEx, ATEX, UL, CSA.

Our products are designed to be both Flexible and Scalable operating in small to very large networks with Security in design for mission critical applications with options for both Licence and Licence free frequencies to suit all applications.

Applications are endless for ELPRO products and a snap shot of some common applications where ELPRO products are used are shown below.


SCADA Radio for Indusrtial Applications

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