Condor Improves Comms at German Tunnel Project

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Condor Improves Comms

To ensure time frames are met and costs are not overrun in large infrastructure projects it is essential that all the pieces that bring these projects together work efficiently and reliably.  Often the data communications and how it is to be implemented is overlooked especially with moving equipment and varying site profiles.

With many technologies today using wireless communications, it is pivotal that the correct choices be made for Secure, Reliable Wireless communications to ensure the efficient running of these projects and preventing time and cost blow outs.  The wireless technology being used for one project may not always be the correct one to use in another because frequencies, distances, input types can vary due to the type of project and the regional area that it is operating in.

See how Pericom an industrial communications provider in Germany managed to reduce cost blow outs and save considerable project time by implementing the Condor Series Radios into this challenging environment.

Read more on the application here.

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