915U-TCADP Thermocouple Adapter

915U-TCADP Thermocouple Adapter

The 915U-TCADP is a thermocouple adapter interface for the ELPRO 915U-2, 215U-2 and 415U-2 series of product. The 915U-TCADP provides greater accuracy by allowing calibration between the adapter, measurement devices and ambient temperatures. Temperature measurement accuracy depends on the measured temperature and ambient temperature. Errors are a result of both errors in cold junction temperature and thermocouple voltage measurement. The 915U-TCADP provides for greater accuracy by allowing calibration of the cold junction temperature offset value and thermocouple temperature (i.e. offset calibration).



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Data Sheets

Data Sheet

Catalog Number: 915U-TCADP
Compatible Products: 915U-2
Supported Thermocouple: Type Type T
Measurement ranges: -200 to +30°C and 0 to +390°C
Basic Accuracy (Un-calibrated): +/- 3.5°C at -200 to +30°C +/- 2°C at 0 to +390°C
Calibrated Accuracy: +/- 1°C over ambient temperature range +/- 0.5°C at calibration temperature