CC3, CC10, CC20 Coaxial Cable Kits

The CC3, CC10 and CC20 are pre-terminated lengths of RG58 cellfoil coaxial cable in 3/10/20 metre lengths. These products allow for ease of integration with ELPRO modules and/or other accessories such as bulk head or in-line surge arrestors.

NB: Installations requiring longer lengths of coaxial cable at higher frequencies are best suited to low-loss RG213, LDF4 and LMR400 cables. Use a CC-Tail to connect large diameter cables to the module to avoid damage to the connector.


Catalog Number: CC3, CC10, CC20
Product Compatibility: 105/905U-L-T/R, 905U-K, 905U-1-4, 905U-G, 915U-2, 805/905/945/240/245U-E, 455/805/905U-D, CSD-SMA-2500 (coaxial surge protector) BNC: 105U-1-4, 105U-G N-Type: CSD-N-6000