415U-2 Long Range Wireless IoT I/O Gateway MQTT Sparkplug

NEW for 2022:  ELPRO Condor 415U-2 I/O Gateway now supports IoT with MQTT and Sparkplug gateway for local inputs/outputs and external devices.

The latest Condor Series IoT I/O Gateway now includes support for MQTT and Sparkplug allowing IoT connectivity directly at the plant or equipment being monitored or controlled.   This makes the 415U-2 “first in class” with built in IoT protocol support for use in narrow band licensed or unlicensed frequencies.

The 415U-2 includes protection from cyber attach with advanced cybersecurity features that meet the most stringent standards, event logging and improved configuration software for seamless network setups.

The ELPRO 415U-2 Includes data throughput to an industry-leading 140kbps at 25kHz channel using efficient context-based data compression in licensed applications and up to 10W of transmit power. The Condor Series products come in six easy-to-select frequency bands:

  • 148MHz – 174MHz,
  • 340MHz – 400MHz,
  • 400MHz – 480Mhz
  • 470MHz – 520MHz
  • 894MHz – 902MHz
  • 930MHz – 960MHz

The ELPRO 415U-2 wireless networking I/O and gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. Designed with a long range, license or license-free wireless transceiver, the 415U-2 can provide IP-based networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications.

Now with MQTT and Sparkplug protocol support, the 415U-2 allows for IoT gateway to be located directly at the plant or equipment.  Including I/O timestamping at the source and support for connection with up to four MQTT broker/servers, the 415U-2 provides a reliability needed for harsh industrial applications.

Using robust and secure two-way wireless communications, the 415U-2 can be used in extremely challenging indoor and outdoor industrial environments and incorporating Class 1 Division 2 Certification for Hazardous Areas.

The 415U-2 provides a combined I/O, IoT gateway and modem platform which uniquely allows customers to inexpensively gather or control I/O data from remote locations without the need of a full RTU/PLC. When a remote site does have an RTU, the customer can use a 415U-E Ethernet radio and implement in the same network as the 415U-2 I/O radios to accomplish a seamless solution for connectivity of devices.