ELPRO Technologies & City of Gold Coast join forces to provide major flood & disaster management system upgrade

January 17, 2022

Major Flood Disaster Management System Upgrade ELPRO Technologies (ELPRO) acknowledges The City of Gold Coast (CoGC); being dynamic in the vision to provide an inspired lifestyle. The CoGC is driven by opportunity to enhance security with the aim of protecting the citizens and the enviable Gold Coast Lifestyle. The CoGC have entrusted ELPRO with the…

NEW from ELPRO: Our IoT Connectivity Router Gateway bridges the gap between industrial protocols and the cloud!

November 9, 2021

IoT Connectivity Router Gateway The 641M-2 IoT 4G-LTE Connectivity Router enables your devices to access the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. Delivering a secure, rugged, fast, reliable, and simple way to “IoT enable” devices for remote monitoring and control of rugged industrial plant/equipment and environmental applications. Supporting Modbus TCP/RTU devices the 641M-2 can…


Is Our Current Flood Warning System Still Effective? A Whitepaper on Why Upgrading to ALERT2 Flood Warning Network is a Necessity

March 11, 2021

Is Our Current Flood Warning System Still Effective? In recent months, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)’s plan to upgrade the existing flood warning network software package Enviromon which supports ALERT (Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time) messaging to an ALERT2 messaging software platform has been much discussed throughout the country. ELPRO Technologies (ELPRO) has been…

Solis partnership industrial wireless solutions

ELPRO Technologies forges a technological partnership with Solis Energy

February 12, 2021

Elpro Technologies Technological Partnership Customers can now deploy their wireless systems in areas where power is unavailable or unreliable with pre-engineered, industrial battery-backup solutions. Queensland, Australia – February 1, 2021 ELPRO Technologies, a global manufacturer of secure and flexible industrial wireless solutions with full engineering design, manufacturing, and support, is teaming up with Solis Energy,…

ELPRO Condor spreads its wings

ELPRO’s Condor Radio Spreads its Wings

December 24, 2019

ELPRO’s Condor Radio Spreads its Wings Secure – Flexible – Reliable – ELPRO’s Condor Series Wireless I/O & Gateway Now with new Frequencies available! December 2019 – ELPRO Technologies flagship product the 415U Condor Series, has spread its wings even further with the announcement of new frequencies to the nest.  The 415U Condor series is…

ELPRO 645M-4 Cellular Router for IIoT Applications

New Product – ELPRO 645M-4 Cellular & WiFi IIoT Router

October 11, 2019

New Product – ELPRO 645M-4 Cellular & WiFi IIoT Router Fast, Reliable & Simple – ELPRO’s 645M-4 Secure Industrial Cellular and WiFi connectivity for IIoT Applications ELPRO Technologies proudly introduces the , the 645M-4 provides both simple and secure IP and Serial based connectivity with alarming and VPN connections for remote and passthrough integration into…

ELPRo TEchnologies Wireless Video Monitoring

Wireless Video Monitoring with the ELPRO 945U-E High Speed Long Range Ethernet Modem

October 2, 2019

Wireless Video Monitoring  Wireless Video Monitoring with the ELPRO 945U-E High Speed Long Range Ethernet Modem Video Surveillance is not a new application to the industrial sector, however Wireless Video Surveillance over great distances is always a challenge ensuring high quality video, minimal or no latency and ensuring that the link is always maintained.  Read…

Wireless Mining with ELPRO Technologies

Condor Improves Comms at German Tunnel Project

August 16, 2019

Condor Improves Comms To ensure time frames are met and costs are not overrun in large infrastructure projects it is essential that all the pieces that bring these projects together work efficiently and reliably.  Often the data communications and how it is to be implemented is overlooked especially with moving equipment and varying site profiles.…

Elpro technologies condor series wireless I/O radio

ELPRO Technologies Condor Series Wireless I/O Radio

July 17, 2019

ELPRO Technologies Condor Series See our latest video on the Condor Wireless I/O and Gateway.  Follow us on the ELPRO Technologies Channel for more installments on everything ELPRO. ELPRO YouTube Channel